Our bullets are exclusively for shooting enthusiasts who prefer to do their own Reloading. Peregrine Bullets is a technology company and our bullets are carefully designed, tested and evaluated by Mechanical Engineers skilled in the art of bullet technology. We take our bullet design very seriously and follow strict engineering protocols for design, testing, field evaluation and manufacturing. We are also pedantic about performance, quality and consistency. Some of our engineers are also able to draw on many years rich in experience from the field of high tech military systems.

We care about the environment and believe our children and the animals that we hunt and look after, should benefit from the use of hunting bullets and practices that are sustainable and ethical. Due to our ongoing research we now have multiple patents for unique features on our bullets and we plan to continue our work, research and innovation with pride in the field of rifles and bullets for sports shooting and for hunting. This website contains a wealth of information on reloading and rifle related information. For concise summaries of all our bullets please make use of the Ballistic Data section where most bullets are chronologically listed by family, type and calibre.

In the reloading section, reload information can be found for the vast majority of our bullets. We try to include as many internationally available powders in this data as we can get. It is however a very time consuming process and we do our best to expand the information as an ongoing process. There is also a bullet file for Quick Load. We are also in the process to create a completely new database of all our bullets for Gordon Reloading Tools. There also have a very good burn-rate chart that can be used to make comparisons between loads provided and propellants that are not yet available.


As a bullet manufacturing company we eat, sleep, breathe and live bullets. The bullet industry is our passion and our pride and we enjoy every moment of our work in creating and manufacturing top quality bullets for nearly every conceivable shooting sport and hunting application. We are a proudly South African company with a love for Africa in our roots. We are able to draw on the rich experience of hunting and sport shooting in South Africa to be also of service to customers from many parts of the world. Every customer is important to us and we will do our best to walk the extra mile.

Over the past 10 years we have created many different bullets for many different applications with arguably more than 500 uniquely different bullets produced in our factory.  This website is structured through the main menu’s system to assist any shooting enthusiast to easily find products of interest.

Our product are for nearly every application where top performing bullets are required at affordable prices. There are two main bullet categories namely Match and Hunting bullets.

Due to very hard work and continued research of our engineers Peregrine match bullets evolved to the point where they are used with great success by top shooters against any reputable competing product. Visit the ballistics page where up to date information on bullet availability and BC can be found for our Glider Rangemaster bullets.

For hunting applications our Plains Game VLR4 hunting bullets features a very good balance between excellent BC and zero compromise on impact performance. We also have hunting bullets for Lever Action rifles and handguns. Our Big Bore hunting bullets VRG2 and VRG3 perform to the best of expectations on any continent of the world, but it should be remembered they are tried and tested in Africa where animals are tough and dangerous.

We can proudly state that our hunting bullets have a very good reputation and are renowned for impact performance at close quarters as well as at the longest ethical hunting distances. For testimonials about all our bullets please visit our “Peregrine Bullets” Facebook page.

We love our nature and our animals and we believe in conservation through sustainable hunting therefore we have a responsibility to manufacture hunting bullets with an impact performance that is equal or better than our specifications.

At the bottom of each page are contact details. Please feel free to contact us directly about your specific need.


It is our passion to push the boundaries of physics to design and produce bullets with excellent ballistic properties and great consistency. For Extreme Long Range [ELR] shooting our mission is to design and produce bullets that are able to perform at the pinnacle of the sport anywhere in the world. We were the first to consistently and successfully engage a 1.5 MOA target at 2 miles in typical match shooting conditions in South Africa (possibly in all of Africa) with our Glider Rangemaster bullets [GRM]. Since then there has been accelerated interest in ELR sport shooting in South Africa with many top local shooters entering the fray. We understand the needs of a match shooter from a high BC bullet for all parts of the trajectory from muzzle exit to distances where the bullet impacts the target at sub-sonic velocity. We understand what is required to make our bullets accurate and consistent and are able to provide expert advice to our customers.


Peregrine Bullets can be Purchased Online for your convenience. We deliver Countrywide.

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