Gun powder burn rate comparison chart

Until 2018 South African re-loaders only had Somchem propellant to choose from. This changed quite dramatically with Vihtavuori, Hodgdon, IMR, Norma and Lovex propellants now all available in South Africa. Use this chart to compare the burn rate speed of these with other popular gun powder manufacturers.

Currently all our reload data is based on Somchem propellants. This chart will offer a handy comparison to all out international customers to see which propellants are a good alternative. It is possible to make initial estimates by using the comparative burn rate chart but please be aware that reloading is dangerous and you will use this information entirely at your own risk. Chances are that there will be a close match if you can find a powder with a similar rating to our recommended load. Peregrine provide this as an aid only and can not be held responsible for any errors of discrepancies that may occur in this chart. Always use safe reloading practises and start with a very conservative load to prevent injury or damage.

By clicking on this download link you acknowledge that this information is provided as a guide only and that you indemnify Peregrine and its associates against any claim of damage to personal property as well as any form of personal injury.