For the new and informed user, an introduction to our bullets for all sorts of hunting applications

Peregrine has a wealth of bullets to choose from for all sorts of hunting applications. This section will help the new user to make an informed choice about the merits of each type of bullet with ease.

Plains Game Hunting

For hunters that are very skilled and comfortable to shoot at distances of 250m to 600m and beyond, we have the Plainsmaster VLR4 bullet that will shoot a very flat trajectory and maintain its velocity. The VLR4 is an expanding copper bullet with outstanding terminal performance. This bullet will reliably deploy on soft tissue at impact velocities of 1600fps. If bone is encountered the bullet will not break up due to the copper construction. It is also suitable for high powered rifles such as Weatherby Magnum or for hunting over short distances as it will not over expand like lead-core bullet upon high speed impact (2700+fps).

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Hunting in the Bush or Thicket

The Bushmaster or VRG3 bullet is an expanding copper bullet and one of our flagship products perfectly suited for the African bush. Or any thicket. In big bore calibers it is also ideal for dangerous game hunting. Our patented plunger help to expand the bullet in a controlled way while the meplat design improve the bullets ability to maintain direction if an unexpected dry branch is in the way.

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Big Bore Hunter

Here we have two types of bullets of the same family for big bore rifles and for doubles. The Solid Copper VRG2 bullet and its identical brother the VRG3 Bushmaster an expanding monolithic bullet. Both bullets have very good straight line penetration.

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In solid brass we offer the VRG1 bullet, also for dangerous game hunting. For more information on the VRG1 bullet click here

The Hog also known as Hog Master bullet is an accurate and high performance bullet specifically designed for hunting with Magnum Handguns and Lever Action Rifles. This is an extremely lethal bullet similar in performance to Self Defence handgun bullets but slightly heavier for the increased penetration required to hunt larger frame animals. Expect this very popular bullet to exceed your wildest expectations. It also comes with the trade mark low shot start pressure, low recoil and increased muzzle velocity common to Peregrine Bullets products… Read More

Please follow the link below to “Buy Peregrine Bullets”. We have a selection of more than 300 bullets to choose from out of various bullet families. If by any chance we do not have a bullet for your unique rifle please feel free to contact us for a custom bullet and expert service.