Ballistic Coefficient information for the Hog and VRG3 Lever Action bullet family from Peregrine

Hog = Hollow tip expanding monolithic bullet for hunting

VRG3 = Expanding monolithic bullet for hunting

The Lever Action bullets are a brand new family of bullets. These bullets are market ready but ballistic testing for the purpose of creating accurate BC values have not been done to date. Please be patient as we will try our best to complete this soonest. In the mean time the table below can be used as a very handy reference for bullet selection.

General notes about Lever Action Rifles:

  • Over the years many barrel sizes were created independently and a sa bullet manufacturer we are bound to published specifications by SAAMI or CIP. Therefore all our bullet specifications will correspond to the current specifications. Unfortunately we will not know if the original manufacturing corresponds 100% to the specifications as lots of historical data / information have been lost over time or have never been properly recorded.
  • It is important to correspond to original barrel dimensions if you want to ensure problem free and accurate shooting from your rifle with our bullets. Therefore please note carefully that there are distinct differences in bullets sizes. Historically many of the incremental and very small changes have been ignored by lead-core bullet manufacturers. We prefer to manufacture our bullets to precise specifications for the benefit of our customers.
  • Please note that monolithic bullets are longer for similar weight to lead-core bullets. Also monolithic bullets have completely different wound channel properties ans excellent penetration. There is no need to try and match the weight of our bullets to the weight of traditional lead-core bullets. There are only benefits in reducing the weight for monolithic bullets such as; more case volume, increased muzzle velocity and reduced recoil. Penetration will always be better than lead-core bullets due to the retained weight of monolithic bullets.
  • We are happy to discuss your rifle specifics with you before you choose a bullet. Please send an email to and we will respond to you enquiry soonest.
  • We believe this is a very comprehensive library of bullets specifically designed for lever action rifles. We want you the customer to get the most out of your rifle with our bullets, so please feel free to send us your feedback so that we can keep up the improvements and to help other customers.