Peregrine Gong Shoot Delmas 2018

The Peregrine Gong Shoot of 2018 was our most successful event to date and we would like to thank all the participants for their support, many of them travelling from very far. A big thanks to Man Magnum Magazine for their enthusiasm and hard work and massive contribution to the success of this shoot. Most important of all in any competition is the sponsors as their generous contribution in quality prices was the highlight of the day.

Congratulations to our men and ladies winners. Men first prize went to Deon De Villiers. Grant Pickett was second and Piet Breedt third. Ladies first prize went to Chantè Bredenhann. Lindy McGee was second and Sandy-lee Hawkey third. Our biggest prize on the day was a Fair Shotgun (Sponsored by Rapala) that went to Byron Van Heerden. The Shotgun was awarded as a lucky draw amongst the contestants. The other big lucky draw prize was a Vortex Red Dot that went to Johan Booysen. Magnum collectors knifes (custom hand made), valued at R7000 went to Pieter Neetling and Louis Coetzee also by lucky draw. There was a total of 70 participants and each participant received at least one or more lucky draw prize.

A hearty thank-you to Rapala (Fair Shotgun, gun cases, toolboxes and accessories), Man Magnum Magazines (Collectors knives), Whylo (Vortex Optics and Smith’s products), Bushill (Konus Spotting Scope and Bushill products), Nocturna (Viper Nite Sight and Nocturna Pro), Brother Arms (Gift Vouchers), CorrosionX SA (Gun lubricants), DOW Knifes, Lazy Aim (Shooting Sticks), Freddie Hirsch (Spices Gift Packs),

Delmas was selected again after the same venue proved to be very popular in 2017. Our thanks to Willie for gratuitously allowing us to use his land for the hosting of this competition. The date for next years competition will be announced before November 2018 and we would like to invite all our participants and all our loyal customers to join us next year again at the same venue.

Information About the Competition

A total of 30 gongs was placed on a slightly uphill slope that was mostly flat. Six courses comprising 5 gongs each were set up with different shooting positions.

Course 1 – Sitting unaided, Course 2 – Angled/sloped bar with Low and High shooting positions, Course 3 – Old dam wall crouched standing, Course 4 – Tripod kneeling, Course 5 – Prone, Course 6 – Standing with Lazy Aim.

Gongs were placed between 150m and 390m for Course 1 to 5. For Course 6 the gongs were placed from 130m to 300m. The course was rated as extremely difficult by the particpants. This was mostly due to the fact that gongs 4 and 5 were mostly beyond 350m. The 3 standing positions also contributed to the difficulty.

Information and shoot Statistics

Detail information is provided below about the course layout as well as the difficulty rating of the individual courses. Information is also provided about the top individual performance for each course.

The stats above provide an interesting view on the different gongs. While Course 6 have been clearly the most difficult, one of the surprises was Course 1 gong 4. This gong proved to be the second most difficult gong on the day. All the gongs on Course 1 were flanked by trees and it is possible that judging the distance of this gong may have been difficult. The wind was also a factor as the trees opened up behind gongs 1, 2 and 3 on Course 1 so that gong 4 may have been subjected to varying wind conditions that was difficult to guage.

Course 6 with the “Lazy Aim” (a very clever waist and shoulder mounted shooting aid) was clearly the most difficult course as it was shooting from a standing position with a shoulder and hip resting mechanism. The Lazy Aim is most effective for distances of 200 meter and closer. Therefore the last 3 gongs that was placed well outside this distance posed quite a challenge for the contestants. Next year we may consider using the Lazy Aim from standing as well as sitting positions. In the sitting position the support from the Lazy Aim is very solid and one leg can be placed on the ground instead of the belt around the waist of the shooter. Please note that according to our existing planning the Lazy Aim will definitely feature again for the 2019 gong shoot. Perhaps some preparation will come in handy.

The old dam, Course 3, was quite interesting and there were mixed feelings about this course. The gong placements were quite challenging with gong 3 around the 350 meter mark and gongs “4 and 5” placed at 390 meters.