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Reload data for Rifle’s, Lever Action and Handguns with International powders


Reloading information provided are not guaranteed to be free from errors and defects. Use at own risk!  Reloading can be dangerous as equipment differs and our published data even for best case scenario’s are not able to factor in all the possible variants. Reloading with or based on our supplied information as well as the firing of reloaded ammunition is done entirely at own risk. PEREGRINE BULLETS can not be held responsible for the correctness of any reloading information provided. The load data published by  PEREGRINE BULLETS is intended as a guide only and for use by skilled and experienced re-loaders familiar with safe reloading techniques.

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Reloading Tips… Handy tips for reloading with Peregrine Bullets

Any plans to switch to a new gunpowder? Find comparative burn speed information here on popular gunpowder’s from around the world. If you are an international customer this information will help to find powders with a comparative burn speed based on our recommended reloading data. Please note that Peregrine bullets needs faster burning powders than most competitor monolithic bullet offerings.

General Tips

Tips and practical guidelines for reloading

  • Always choose a propellant burn rate for at least 85% case fill.
  • Peregrine bullets create extremely low shot start pressure, faster burning powders are normally the better option
  • Make use of our comparative burn rate chart to compare products from different propellant manufacturers
  • Always follow safe reloading practices
  • Work with only one propellant at a time and keep all others away from the reloading table

General burn-rate comparison for South African manufactured propellants.

For many years Reinmetal Somchem propellant was the only available product for reloading in South Africa. Here is a very abbreviated summary of the rifle powders with comparable alternatives:

  • S321 Very fast burning, comparable to N530 and RL-10X
  • S335 Fast burning, comparable to N130, Norma 202, IMR3031
  • S355 Medium burning, comparable to N540, Varget
  • S365 Medium to slow burning, comparable to N505, IMR 4350
  • S385  Slow burning, comparable to N560, H4831
  • B12.7  Slow burning, comparable to N570, Retumbo

Reduced barrel length rifles

In general rifles with shorter barrels do not burn up all the propellant. It may be better to select a faster burning powder for shortened barrelled rifles. Faster burning propellants burn more efficient and produce increased performance.

To Improve (AI) or not to Improve?

It is common amongst custom rifle builders to steepen the shoulder angle or to create an Ackley Improved shoulder. To qualify as Ackley Imrpoved the shoulder angle will always be precisely 40 degrees. Below are a few notes on the subject. Please note these notes are not official Peregrine policy and are meant to be informative in nature.

  • When the angle of the shoulder on a case in increased the netto effect is an increase in the case pressure. In many cases the neck length is kept to the same length or slightly shortened.This is done in order to achieve greater muzzle velocities through increased pressure and temperature during the combustion process.
  • Some shooters report a 100 to 150fps velocity improvement with improved case shoulders.
  • The geometry change by the steeper shoulder results in a slightly bigger case capacity, so more propellant can be added.
  • Increasing the shoulder angle beyond 40 degrees is not guaranteed to be beneficiary as case pressure may be raised too much and muzzle velocity may reduce as a result. The 40 degrees AI shoulder is a generalised rule and there are calibres that did not benefit from such a modification. 270Win is one example.
  • Very few custom rifle builders realise that the shoulder angle may be raised to less than 40 degrees and still yield improved pressure.
  • PO Ackley blew up a number of rifles with this kind of experimenting. Therefore random experimenting with shoulder angles is dangerous and should best be left to professionals.
  • Numerous scientific studies about factors influencing barrel life point to the detrimental effect of increased pressure and temperature amongst other things. Therefore increasing the chamber pressure (and hence the temperature) will result in reduced barrel life. Barrel life will decrease regardless of the type of bullet used.
  • It is interesting to note that very few if any major rifle manufacturer in the world, embraced the idea of Ackley Improved chamber shoulders.

The verdict:

In a very competitive match environment 100 to 150 fps velocity improvement may provide the edge needed to win. Many match shooters prefer the longer barrel life offered by chambers without the improved shoulder.

 Create safe propellant handling habits.

  • Do not mix propellants. This is dangerous!
  • Stay away from duplex loads.
  • Never leave powder open. Humidity changes are not your friend.
  • Refrain from loading in extremely humid conditions.
  • Be aware of hot winter loads, they may not be safe in Summer. This is specially true for warm climate countries.
  • Keep propellant in the original packaging. Some materials may react chemically with the propellant and cause instability.
  • Do not leave propellant indefinitely in the trickler or in the powder dispenser.
  • Always double check if the correct powder is used. Keep other propellants far away to prevent accidental mix-ups.

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