VLR4 type “Expanding Bullet” – Spitzer Long Range Hunting

Hunting | Longer Range | Application

Plains game hunting bolt action and precision long range rifles.

(Also known as the Plains Master Long Range Series)

The VLR 4 is an accurate, high performance, BC enhanced, expanding monolithic bullet designed for long range very accurate plains-game hunting requiring flatter trajectories and consistent performance. As a result of the BC optimized bearing-surface, BC optimized boat tail and BC optimized nose design, this bullet compete aggressively with any plastic tipped monolithic competitor with the additional bonus of low shot start pressure, low recoil and increased muzzle velocity.

A purpose-designed and patented brass initiator offers unparalleled and progressive controlled expansion from the very low impact velocity of 1600fps through medium and on to very high impact velocities of 3000fps. Perfect expansion as well as excellent weight retention is achieved with the patented plunger initiator design. Unlike lead-core bullets this bullet may be used for “on the shoulder (instant knock-down) shots”, instead of the limited option of only behind the shoulder. On the shoulder shots are possible due to the solid copper bullet construction and the air pocket dampening effect of the brass plunger during nose expansion as strong bone structures are encountered. The brass plunger stiffness will prevent pre-initiation due to recoil forces acting on cartridges inside the magazine.

Mainly for Plains game hunting- expanding bullets. Similar trajectory to the VLR5 bullet

  • Industry leader. The top class bullet for plains hunting and the longer shots.
  • Lead Free Bullet. Environmentally friendly.
  • Excellent ballistic coefficient for long range application.
  • Pin-point accuracy, precision manufactured tip.
  • Top performance for low through high impact velocity. Controlled nose expansion and mushroom forming.
  • Smooth expansion without bending or fragmenting.
  • Consistent and predictable expansion and weight retention. Excellent expansion down to 1600fps is soft tissue.
  • Can be hunted at much higher impact velocities than jacketed bullets. Ideal for Magnum type rifles.
  • Dramatically reduced meat damage in comparison with lead-core bullets.
  • Ability to shoot on the target animal’s shoulder, instead of behind.