VRG4 type “Expanding Bullet” – Spitzer Hunting

(Also known as the Plains Master Series)

Mainly for Plains game hunting- expanding bullets (similar ballistics than VRG5)

  • Top class bullet for plains hunting.
  • Lead Free Bullet. Environment friendly.
  • Good ballistic coefficient for medium range application.
  • Pin-point accuracy, precision manufactured tip.
  • Enhanced nose expansion and mushroom forming at low and high bullet velocity.
  • Smooth expansion.
  • Consistent and predictable expansion and weight retention. Excellent expansion down to 1600fps guaranteed.
  • Can be shot at much higher velocities than jacketed bullets. Ideal for Magnum type rifles.
  • Dramatically reduced meat damage in comparison with lead-core bullets.
  • Ability to shoot on the target animal’s shoulder, instead of behind.
  • Increased velocity and less recoil in comparison with lead-core bullets.
  • Available from .22 caliber up to 450


VRG 4-1The VRG-4: SP BT-XF PEREGRINE™ SPITZER BOATTAIL is an accurate, high performance, velocity enhanced, bi-metal bullet – designed for medium range accurate plains-game hunting requiring flat trajectories, good ballistics and consistency. As a result of the shorter bearing-surface and other design criteria, this bullet allows for less chamber-pressure and recoil with increased velocity.

The Spitzer has a purpose-designed mechanical initiator (patented), which controls expansion throughout the velocity range for controlled and consistent performance, as well as excellent weight retention. This bullet allows for shooting game on the shoulder (instant knock-down), instead of behind, due to the fact that the design doesn’t result in bullet-failure when hitting bone. The initiator tip is also guaranteed against magazine damage due to recoil.