VRG-5: SP BT-MF The ‘SPITZER BOATTAIL MATCH’ – for target shooting, competition and practice.

VRG 5-1The VRG-5: SP BT-MF PEREGRINE™ MATCH is a high-performance, hyper-accurate mono-metal bullet, designed for  short and medium range target shooting. The bearing surface is design is similar to the spitzer hunting bullets, resulting in less chamber-pressure and recoil with increased velocity. For medium to long range shooting the new VRL5 bullet is a better choice. For extreme long range shooting use the Rangemaster bullet.


Medium to long range practice and target shooting. Complement for VRG 4 range.

VRG5 type “Non Expanding Bullet” – Competition shooting – Rifle

Mainly for medium range target shooting and a practise substitute for VRG4

  • The top class bullet for practice and medium range target shooting.
  • Good ballistic coefficient for medium range application.
  • Pin-point accuracy, precision manufactured tip.
  • Not recommended for hunting.
  • VRG5 and VRG4 bullets shoot exactly the same trajectory if loaded the same in charge and COL/TPL. They are designed to complement each other.
  • Increased velocity and less recoil in comparison with lead-core bullets.
  • Can be shot at much higher velocities than jacketed bullets. Ideal for Magnum type rifles.
  • Good impact on metal targets with low damage potential due to soft copper spitzer nose.
  • Available from .22 caliber up to 450